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Welcome to Dr. P. Doyle's
Emerging Disease Website
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When this site is complete, it will provide updates on various emerging diseases, such as Chronic Wasting Disease, other prion diseases .

Zoonotic diseases and arthropod borne illness will also be updated. Veterinary diseases, such as Avian Influenza as well as issues pertaining to wildlife management will be covered.

Issues pertaining to bioterrorism and chemical weapons will also be discussed.

I look foward to building this site and hope it will be helpful to all those who enter.

This website is under construction

Please check back soon

I do a monthly radio interview every third Thursday of the month on the Jeff Rense Radio Program. 
Jeff Rense also has a very informative website at:

Jeff Rense Website and Radio Program

Please visit my Emerging Infectious Diseases Message Board at:

Zhan le Devlesa tai sastimasa
Go with God and in Good Health

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